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Weight Training: Aesthetics in Apparel

With the presence of each new day the importance of resistance training increases in for scores of individuals. In addition to the physical acts required to achieve your desired level of health there are many outside influences that affect motivation and effort when it comes to lifting weights. Because the willingness to travel to a facility to move heavy poundage’s back and forth and up and down  requires a certain mindset…………….nurturing this mind is also important.

Take Back Your Temple


Hi, I'm Kim Floyd. Welcome to Take Back Your Temple! "Take Back Your Temple" is about a person asking God to take control of their body and their life so He can use them for His purpose and agenda.

Having once been 240 pounds, obesity was literally smothering the life out of me. But once I decided to allow God to replace my weakness with His strength, my life was forever transformed.



It's not about size; it is about stewardship. Decide today to make the most of all the resources God has given you so you can live the abundant life to which He calls you.


Kimberly Floyd, C.W.C.
Author and Weight Loss Coach
Take Back Your Temple

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When should you switch up your workout routine?

When should I switch up my routine? This is a very common question many individual ask in their quest to become fit. The frequency that you change your routine largely depends on your goals.

Health and Spinning

Hopefully you’re like me and you’ve found the magic of a great spinning class and realize the importance of spinning shoes (indoor cycling shoes) to enhance your spinning workout. After trying pretty much every other aerobic type of exercise on the planet, indoor cycling finally showed me the way. Getting hooked on indoor cycling has kept me in the shape I’d like to stay. For me, spinning shoes sealed the deal.   

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Number of sets

I’ve been doing a routine and wonder how many sets you should do I always believe in 3 or 4 sets.  In some cases 5 sets can be good if you lower the reps.  Switching your number of sets sometimes can help shock your muscles to grow or get stronger.  For endurance I would go with 4 sets and higher reps.  For just mass 4 set maybe 5 for lower reps.  Occassionally you can do some different like 2 sets of 30.