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The Top 20 Excuses Why New Year's Resolutions to Lose Weight End in Failure

By Nick Nilsson

It's no secret that New Year's Resolutions generally don't last
very long... have YOU used any these excuses?

7 Tips To Get Rid Of A Big Tummy

7 Tips To Get Rid Of A Big Tummy

The tummy is one of the hardest places to get rid of fat, and with that vacation fast approaching fast action is called for.

Follow these tips to have a flatter tummy in weeks:

1. Cut out fatty, salty foods and sweet foods. If this is not possible, then reduce your intake of these food types.

2. Eat quality proteins such as chicken, turkey, most fish, low fat milk, low fat cheese, and most vegetables.

3. Eat good fats such as almond oil and olive oil.

10 Best Ways To Think Thin and Lose Weight Effectively

Why do so many of us fail or give up our efforts to lose weight? The reason is that we pay too little attention to our emotions and what drive us to eat unnecessarily. If you are able to get a grip on these emotions, you have a better chance of success and losing weight and keeping it off.

Do Abdominal Machines Really Work?

Info-mercials are really funny, especially in the fitness marketing industry. There is always the latest gadget that is supposed to give you abs like Mr. Universe or Miss Fitness USA. But are these abdominal machines really effective at giving you "ripped" abs? If you put your thinking cap on, you will discover why the answer is no, unless you are already super fit.

Having Trouble Giving Up the Foods You Love? Check This Out!

Sometimes it seems as if just about everyone on the entire planet is trying to lose weight, with little or no success. We try that new popular diet and drop some weight only to gradually gravitate back to our usual bad eating habits and here comes the weight again. All along adding an extra pound or two more than when we started. I am no exception.