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Weight Loss for Women: Is Perfectionistic Thinking Sabortaging Your Efforts?

Weight Loss for Women: Is Perfectionistic Thinking Sabortaging Your Efforts?

Is Perfectionist Thinking Supporting or Sabotaging Your Success for Healthy Weight Lossand Lifestyle Change?

High standards are the driving force behind many success stories. As Annette Colby, PhD, describes in her newsletter Eating Peacefully, many scientists, researchers, artists, athletes and successful business people spend endless hours perfecting their knowledge, working harder than their colleagues, and pushing themselves beyond their own limitations, all in an attempt to achieve certain standards. At the root of this drive is perfectionism. Used as the gift it can be, perfectionism offers a driving force, determination and the ability to achieve success. Unfortunately, when it comes to health and weight management, many women combine perfectionism with a self-punishing attitude, defined by unrealistic goals. As a result, perfectionism can sabotage the journey to a fitter self.

Cross Training - A Faster Way To Lose Weight

In the world today three quarters of the population are overweight to some degree. Although exercising is an excellent way to lose weight, there are times when a more strenuous exercise routine is necessary to lose additional weight. While stretching, running and walking are an excellent form of exercise, cross training has been proven to reduce weight faster when it was added to an existing weight loss routine.

How To Lose Extra Weight - One Thing That People Overlook

Most of you know that the process of how to lose extra weight is hard. It can even be over bearing at times. Here in a minute I am going to give you some key facts that people often look over. Most, if not all of these are really simple, but the problem is that most people just don't apply them when the want to lose extra weight.

Strength Training For That Trim And Toned Look

Given the stressful lifestyles most people lead, nowadays, it is no wonder that many individuals want to have a healthy body that can withstand all the pressures and tensions that come their way. This is the reason why memberships in gyms or fitness centers remain on the rise and the demand for exercise videos continue to grow. Although following a healthy diet is commendable, this is not enough. Your diet must be combined with the appropriate exercise routines in order to have your desired optimum body.

Eat Less And gain More Weight, Strange! But Can Be True

When we define a person as "good looking" we stress on the person's looks, body language and "figure". Thus a person's physique is one of the most important considerations for him/her to be good looking. Keeping this in mind, today, people try hard to get into proper shape.