FREE Exercise and Diet Log Sheet

Download and print this exercise and diet log sheet. Tracking your goals and progress in a log keeps you honest and motivated.


This free printable log sheet will help you track your exercise and diet progress on your fitness journey. You can download a blank template as many times as needed.  

  Download exercise and Diet Log Sheet (Word Format)

  Download fitness Log (Pdf)

Keeping a fitness log is one of the keys to losing weight or any fitness goal. The recorded information is helpful in determining if you need to make further changes to your plan. Being able to see your improvements recording will greatly increase your chances of success.

Keep a Workout Log  by”Fitness for Dummies”

Whatever your goals are, a training diary can help you get better results. Keeping a log show you whether your goals are realistic and gives you insight into your exercise patterns. If you’re losing weight, building strength or developing stamina, you won’t have to wonder what works because you’ll have a blow-by-blow description of everything you’ve done to reach your goals. 

A workout diary keeps you honest. You might think that you’re working our four times a week. But when you flip through your log, you might learn that you’ve been overestimating your efforts. 

Bookstores and sporting goods stores carry a variety of logs. You also can buy nifty computer software to track your progress. Some logs are aimed specifically at walkers, others at weight lifters, and some logs have space to chart virtually any activity you can think of.