Cardio Endurance Workout

Cardio Endurance Workouts Hits: 1872

Here's great cardio workout that will help you build your endurance. This routine contains two exercises that will help you gradually increase your stamina.


1. Stationary Bike

Time: 10 minutes


1.)  Warm up for riding at 50 rpms at level 1 for two minutes

2.)  Ride at 65 rpms at level 3 for the remainder of the 10 minutes.

3.)  If you can't finish the entire 8 minutes, slow down to 50 rpms for one minute to recover.

4.)   Cool down for 1 minute ride at 50 rpms

2. Treadmill


1.)  Warm up for 2 minute walking briskly.

2.)  After 2 minutes, jog at 5.5mph until you can't anymore.

3.)  Walk briskly for 2 minute to recover.

4.)   Repeat this sequence until you finish 20 minutes

Note: Eventually you should be able to jog the entire 20 minutes without stopping.