Losing Weight is a Journey That Starts With a Single Step

For most people, losing weight can be a lifelong struggle. There are many reasons for this. Sometimes people must take medication for another ailment or disease which causes an increase in hunger. Or the medication may affect the person's metabolism, slowing it down. These reasons can cause weight loss. Other people suffer from psychological problems with food that can make weight loss impossible without counseling. These people turn to food for comfort or to fill an emotional void. In this case, eating is just a substitute for something else. Food can never fill this void so the person continues to eat in the hopes of filling this unfulfilled void. Both of these situations can lead to weight gain and even to obesity.

Obesity in Today's World

From 1988-1994 the number of Americans who were over weight or obese was 56%. That number rose from 1999-2000 to 64% according to NAASO.org. Oregon is one of the highest with 23% of its population being obese. There are many reasons why people become obese or over weight. Many times it is genetic but that is something you can not change. What you can change is the way you eat, what you eat and how much you eat. If our society as a whole does not change the way we eat, we will be at high risk of diabetes, hypertension and heart attacks. In 2004 obesity related deaths ranked number two, smoking came in first. By 2005 obesity related deaths was expected to pass smoking as the number one cause of death, according to Medscape.com.

Shopping Online For Clothing That Looks Great

If you have some serious curves, you'll probably find that the plus size department in stores in your area leave a lot to be desired. The selection is sparse, and the clothes that most plus size sections offer are boxy and unbecoming. Though the selection for the plus size woman is improving, it can still be a real challenge to locate an outfit that flatters you.

Fatloss 4 idiots - "The Truth" articles pt 1

Fatloss 4 idiots - Exercise, Diet, or both?

Getting the proper exercise is always a good thing to put into your weekly routine. Exercise can be used to relieve stress, lose weight, or build muscle just for a few examples. Where losing weight is concerned exercise is key, but if your exercising and you still have bad food intake patterns or you're just eating unhealthy it defeats the whole purpose of you exercising. You will just be wasting your time and the same thing goes for dieting. Let's say you are using the fatloss 4 idiots weight loss program and you are trying to lose weight. I'm sure you can still lose weight just by following the step but it will be more effective if you exercise also. They work hand in hand, believe me you'll get better results. It is just a great way to lose the weight and stay in shape. Obviously you want to lose weight but you want to be healthy too.

7 Ways For Women To Look Great Naked!

My gym is located right by Lake Tahoe, which is home to the sexiest beaches in Nevada, hands down. It should come as no surprise then, that I am most often called on for help lookin' good in a bikini.

Here are SEVEN of my sizzling hot tips to help you raise your metabolism through the roof, so you'll be lean and sexy and looking great naked before strutting your stuff on the beach: