3 Best Chest Exercises for Building Mass

Adding mass to your chest requires that you do the right combination of exercises. Although there are many variations to chest workouts, there are three basic chest exercises that will add mass to your chest. Make sure when you perform these exercises that you use enough weight for a challege without losing your technique.

1. Barbell Flat Bench Press

Lie face up on bench. Place feet flat on floor to maintain lower back in a flat or neutral position (slight arch). Grip bar with hands slightly wider than shoulder width. Keep arms vertical and bar directly over chest with wrists straight. Keep shoulder blades squeezed together (retracted) and maintain position throughout entire exercise. Throughout motion, shoulders form 90 degree angle to body. In a controlled motion, start lowering bar until upper arms are approximately parallel to floor. Hands must remain over elbows. While maintaining the controlled motion, push bar up to starting position without locking out elbows. Do not allow muscles to relax before next repetition.

2. Incline Bench Press with Barbell

Same as the flat bench but make sure you raise the bench to a 45 degree angle. This exercise works the upper region of your chest.

3. Decline Bench Press with Barbell

Same as flat bench but make sure you put the bench on a decline. This exercise works the lower region of your chest.

The chest exercises above are basic but effective in adding mass to your bird.

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