How to Lose Weight if you can’t Resist Chocolate



If you are addicted to eating chocolate but trying to lose weight, fear not.  As with any food addiction, you must find out how much you are eating and the calorie count then replace the existing chocolate with healthier chocolate recipes or fruit. Allow yourself to gradually kick your addiction.

First, you must discover how much chocolate you are consuming.  Find out how many calories and fat are in each serving and write it down.  This gives you a clear picture of how you are harming your body if you are eating too much. 


Anything in excess is not good for your body. Chocolate alone is not the problem. Excessive chocolate consumption overloads your body with junk.  One technique to avoid the urge to eat chocolate is eating all of your meals.  By eating and snacking throughout the day, you won't be hungry.  Not being hungry will help keep you from eating chocolate. 

Don't buy chocolate and have it in your home. Not having the temptation around will help your chances of not eating it.  Driving to the store may give you a chance to think before you start.  Instead of chocolate, fill your pantry and refrigerator with healthy snacks and fruits.

You don't have to stop eating chocolate immediately. Gradually eat less daily until you kick the habit.  If you make it a habit of not eating as much, eventually you won't have the urge.  Have only a few small pieces a day until you don't need it anymore.  

Many people have the misconception that if they any eat chocolate they are going to get fat.  The key to maintaining a healthy weight is to not eat anything, including chocolate, in excess. Maintain your self control and you can eat many of the things you like without causing weight gain.

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