Start your New Years resolution by finishing your fitness goals


The key to reaching any fitness goal is sticking with your plan. Many individuals start the New Year with intentions of losing weight. Unfortunately, many people never complete the task. Sculpting your body requires setting a goal, planning, and executing. Don’t let another year pass without reaching your goals.

Setting a realistic goal is the first step to transforming your body.  Don’t attempt to accelerate your results with unrealistic goals. Trying to drop fifty pounds in two months for your class reunion is not realistic.  Shedding 8-10 pounds monthly is good for trying to lose weight.  Setting small milestones also keeps you motivated.  For example, if you need to lose eighty pounds, give yourself a reward for every ten pounds you lose. 

Once you’ve determined your goal, design your attack plan. Decide what gym you will join and how many days you will workout. Start planning what kinds of foods you will buy at the grocery store. Make out a detailed schedule that includes exercise and meal times. Once you have a fitness blueprint, you must execute.

A fitness resolution without action is worthless. You must be like Nike and “Just Do It”.  Immediately start implementing your plan. Waiting a week to start your plan can cost you two pounds of fat. Don’t wait until tomorrow to make changes in your eating habits. If you attack your goals aggressively, you will start reaching your goals.

You can’t reach any fitness goal overnight. You must demonstrate patience, hard work, and consistency. You don’t have to set a milestone date to begin a program.  Start immediately! With proper planning and the right attitude, you can celebrate next year with a new body.



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