How to Workout and Diet when you Work Nights

If you work a graveyard shift, finding time to eat and workout can be a challenge. Fortunately, you can maintain good eating habits even if you work an unconventional schedule. The key is to create a detailed schedule and maintain good basic eating habits. 

Regardless of when you eat, consuming healthy calories and enough calories is vital.  Try planning your meals and packing healthy snacks.  You should eat your meals as usual on your assigned lunch time and your snacks during your breaks. Regardless, always avoid eating at fast food restaurants unless the items you buy are on the low-fat menu.

Deciding when to workout can also be a challenge. Listen to your body and it will indicate when it's the best time to exercise.  Your routines are more effective if you are rested. A good time to workout might be when you wake up or after work. Join a 24-hour gym or put together a small home gym to save you additional time. 

Working an odd shift can present problems, but with proper planning you can still have a fantastic body.  Avoid letting your work schedule become an excuse to not workout and eat right.  It doesn't matter when but how you eat and exercise.

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