Curvy Sherri Shepherd Loses 41 Pounds

Talk show host and actress Sherri Shepherd lost 41 pounds by eating healthy and exercising. Shepard lost 10 dress sizes while maintaining her curvy figure. In an interview with OK Magazine in 2009, she shared how she motivated herself. She also spoke about her exercises and eating habits.

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Shepherd used accountability as a key motivating factor. By announcing her plans to lose weight in front of millions on the talk show "The View", Shepherd knew many women would be monitoring her progress. She tweeted her workouts and received support from many followers. The support from many people helped her through the tough days.

Oftentimes, losing weight requires you to challenge your body with exercises you may not enjoy. Shepherd's least favorite exercise was jogging on the treadmill. Although she wanted to avoid jogging, her personal trainer encouraged her to continue. Shepherd commented in her interview that when she briefly stopped exercising the weight crept back up. She knew at that point she would have to do some things she did not enjoy to get results.

Eating healthy was also a huge part of Shepherd's success. She consumed tasty but healthy foods such as Creamy Banana Oatmeal, Pea-Seared Sea Scallops, and Turkey and Green Salsa Quesadillas. There are thousands of low-fat recipes that are tasty, many of which she was able to use to lose.

Shepherd's weight loss success was due to hard work and eating healthier. Despite being a celebrity, she still had to follow the basic rules of exercise and eating properly to reshape her body while maintaining her curvy figure.


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