Band Calf Flex

Primary Muscle Group: Back of lower leg (calf)

Muscle Groups Worked in This Exercise: Gastrocnemius, lateral and medial heads and Soleus

Preparation: Both resistance bands should be placed over the toes of one foot. Stand with feet hip width apart, tighten your abs and stand tall.

Breathing: Breathe out as you push your toes down, breathe in as you come back to start position.

Execution: Grasp the middle of the band with an overhand grip; bring your hands up to chest level. Extend the leg with the band attached. It should be straight and off the ground. Keep your leg straight and push your toes down against the band. Imagine that you are pushing a brake pedal on a car. Pause and lift your toes back as far as possible and then back to neutral and in the start position.

Comments: If you require more resistance, move your hands wider apart; place them closer together to decrease resistance.

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