Decline Barbell Bench Press

Target Muscles: Lower Chest

Equipment: Barbell and Bench

Start: Lie on a decline bench with your lower shins hooked beneath the leg supports at the end. Hold the barbell with a full, overhand grip that's slightly wider than shoulder-width. Set it directly over your lower chest.

Finish: Lower the bar slowly and in control to just an inch or two above your chest before pausing momentarily ad then pressing it back up.

Video:   Decline Bench Press   


Male doing decline bench press with barbell Male doing decline bench press with barbell

Other tips to executing a proper decline bench press:

  • Make sure your legs are secure under the anchors.
  • Your palms should face forward
  • When you lower the bar, it should nearly touch your lower chest.

The benefits of targeting this section is because it helps you develop strength to do other exercises such as the dip or bench dip. This exercise is handled by the lower pec muscles.

If your arms are behind or to the sides of your torso and you push them down this where the lower pecs take over. It also keeps you from overworking your shoulders by having different angles when training your chest. Also your bottom of your chest has an appealing lift too it at the bottom to show off at the beach. 

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