How to eat healthy when eating out

A trip to the resturant can be horrible for your quest to lose weight. Although you may have the best intensions of eating healthy, the temptations usually overcome good choices. Many people choose to eat out because of convience. Unfortunately, eating out is usually associated with weight gain.

There are ways to enjoy eating out as long as you make the right choices. When eating out, be mindful of two common challenges: The urge to order more food than you need and the urge to eat every bit of food on your plate.

Below are some tips you may follow to help you eat out the right way.

Eat slowly and savor each bite. When you are feeling full, stop eating.

Eat foods that are healthy and low in calories first. This will help you avoid eating so much high calorie foods because of hunger.

Portion sizes in resturants can be two to three times the amount you need. If you order large portions, eat only half and take the rest home for later.

Skipping dessert or eat fruit as your dessert.  

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