How ONE Magic Word Makes NEW Personal Training Clients Approach You!

If you want new personal training clients without cold approaching, I have great News!

There is a 7 letter word that will easily bring you new leads for potential new clients.

This word is your little salesman at the gym, grocery store, gas station, or anywhere you normally go.

Best part: This word will make clients approach you!

So what is this word that can make you extra cash? 

The magic word is “TRAINER”

Put the word “TRAINER” on a t-shirt or hat. Wear it around town and you’ll get new leads and clients.

Imagine this...

Just 1 new client can be worth an extra $300.00 to $600.00 a month. Give it a try and see how many new clients you can get. 

Click the links below to see examples I made for myself and my team.

Personal Trainer Hats

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