Lie flat on your back with your arms down by your sides, your palms facing downward, your legs straight up to the sky and slightly turned out from the top of the hips, and your knees facing away from each other. Squeeze your inner thighs and heels together in the Pilates First Position.

Inhale: Take a deep breath in

Exhale: Squeeze your butt, pull your belly in, and lift your legs up and over your head. Your legs should stop once they're parallel to the floor: don't let your toes toch the floor behind you. Don't roll onto your neck, but stop and balance on your shoulders instead.

Inhale: Open your legs to hip distance apart as you begin to slowly roll bakc down your spine. Flex your feet and think of reaching your heels long toward the wall behind you.

Exhale: Continue rolling down your spine, pressing your palms and arms into the floor to control the movement. Allow your legs to drop back down toward the floor in front of you, but only as low as you can while still maintaining a flatttened lower back. Use your Abdominal Scoop and your butt squeeze to help keep your lower back flat on the mat. Don't let your lower back arch off the mat even a little!

Inhale: Squeeze your legs together and begin the sequence again.

Complete 3 repetitions. Then reverse the leg position by starting the exercise with your legs open, and squeeze them together at the top of the Rollover. Complete 3 repetitions of this variation.

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