Long and Short terms walking fitness

Short term benefits

By walking for 30 minutes each day, you will begin to notice the following benefits within two or three weeks.

A sense of well-being and uplifted mood

Improved ability to meet the demands of your daily activities

Improved motor skills

Increased vitality and renewed sense of energy

Improved muscle tone in the shines, calves and thighs


Long term benefits

A regular walking program can help you lose weight and reduce your risk to coronary artery disease, although you shouldn't expect any quick results. Research shows a half-hour walk at your target heart rate range can lead to a slow, steady shedding of 16 to 18 pounds per year. Other long-term benefits include:

Improved agility and coordination

Improved muscular strength

Increased cardiovascular endurance

Lower blood pressure and blood glucose levels

Reduced risk of coronary heart disease

Increased bone density

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