Purpose of Warming Up Before Exercise

Warming up your body before exercising produces many benefits that can help a person achieve maximum value from physical activity. Here are the main purposes of warming up before you exercise.


1. Warming up with movement rehearsal, limbering and mild preparatory static stretches stimulates joint lubricant so muscles and joints are looser, lessening the risk of injury to your muscles, tendons and ligaments.

2. Warming up promotes nerve impulse conduction. Warming up increases performace in sports and athletic skills where efficient speed is required.

3. Warming up warms the heart and muscles, safely preparing them for more vigorous activity.

4. Warming up produces an increase rate of chemical reactions in the body. These reactions along with increased oxygen levels further speed up the quick production of energy.

5. Warming up raised blood flow to the muscles. Increased blood volume supplies muscles with needed oxygen and nutrients for maximum performance.


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