5 Day Split Workout

Workout routines using the 5 day split technique. A good 5 day workout routine trains one or more parts of your body for each day. For example, you may decide to work your chest on Monday, back and shoulders on Tuesdays, arms on Wednesday, Legs on Thursday, and abs on Friday.

5 day split workout you can download and print.

A split workout routine gives your muscles rest time in between sessions. A 5-day workout allows you to have 2 days where you may decide to rest completely. It is just as important to have rest time to allow your muscles and body to recover completely. The key is to train your entire body within a week’s time. According to many bodybuilders this allows you to train at the highest level for that day. This type of workout split routine is great for building mass for bodybuilding or just adding muscles for your beach body.