T-Bar Row

Target Muscles: Upper, Middle Back

Equipment: T-bar Machine or Barbell

Start: Wrap one end of the bar in an old towel and stuff into a corner. If you have something heavy-a dumbbell or sandbag-to put over the bar to steady it, use it. Before you load the other end of the bar, wrap a workout towel around it. Then load the end with 25-pound or lighter plates-bigger ones will restrict your range of motion. Straddle the bar so that you face away from the corner, and grab the ends or the towel or the handle with a neutral grip. Get into the starting position described for the other rows, with your posture a bit more upright and your elbows in closer to your torso.

Finish: Pull the bar up until your hands touch your abdomen. Pause, then slowly return to the starting position. Keep your knees bent, your back slightly arched and your elbows close to your torso throughout.

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