Band Lying Curl

Primary Muscle Group: Back of upper leg

Muscle Groups Worked in This Exercise: Biceps femoris; long and short heads; Semimembranosus; Semitendinosus and Gastrocnemius

Preparation: Attach the band to a sturdy object at floor level. Since you'll only use one end of the band, make sure that the other end is secure. Attach the loose end to an ankle strap and place around the ankle of your starting leg. Lie on your stomach with the band coming from behind your feet. Both legs should be straight.

Breathing: Breathe out as you bend your knee; breathe in as you straighten back to start position.

Execution: Bend your starting leg at the knee until your heel is near your buttocks; pause and then slowly straighten your leg back to start position. After completing all reps, repeat with opposite leg.

Comments: Keep your hips still and your knees together during the range of motion.

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