Russian Leg Curls

1. Find a rail, beam, or stable couch to wedge your feet under. Kneel on top of a pillow or folded towel to reduce pressure on the knees.

2. With an upright trunk, lower the body under control while keeping the glutes tight, making sure not to bend forward too much at the hips or allow the pelvis to anteriorly rotate too much.

3. At the bottom of the movement, catch yourself in a push-up position and spring back to starting position, using the shoulder and arm muscles for assistance but attempting to maximize the torque on the knee joint and trying to rely on the hamstrings for movement production.

Primary: Hamstring (biceps femoris, semitendinosus, semimembranosus)

Secondary: Erictor spinae (spinalis, longissimus, iliocostalis), gluteus maximus 

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