Cardio Endurance Workout

Here's great cardio workout that will help you build your endurance. This routine contains two exercises that will help you gradually increase your stamina.


1. Stationary Bike

Time: 10 minutes


1.)  Warm up for riding at 50 rpms at level 1 for two minutes

2.)  Ride at 65 rpms at level 3 for the remainder of the 10 minutes.

3.)  If you can't finish the entire 8 minutes, slow down to 50 rpms for one minute to recover.

4.)   Cool down for 1 minute ride at 50 rpms

2. Treadmill


1.)  Warm up for 2 minute walking briskly.

2.)  After 2 minutes, jog at 5.5mph until you can't anymore.

3.)  Walk briskly for 2 minute to recover.

4.)   Repeat this sequence until you finish 20 minutes

Note: Eventually you should be able to jog the entire 20 minutes without stopping.

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