Tips to avoid the freshman 15

Most college students eat out often and late especially on the weekends.  These two bad habits are critical reason for fat gain in students.  You want to enjoy yourself but maintain your waistline.   Here are some calorie saving tips for college students on the go.

1.    Keep fruit and other healthy snacks in your bookbag.  Having fruit between meals will keep you from pigging out when the next meal comes. 

2.    Trade Mcdonalds, Burger king, and fried chicken resturants for deli's and meat & three place. 

3.    Avoid eating pizza more than once a week.  If you must comsume pizza, eat only two slices along with a salad to supplement.

4.    Keep bottled water with you at all times.   If you notice, the in shape people on campus  always have water with them drinking it.  Thats not a coincidence.

5.    Replace sodas with juice.  If you need some flavor add crystal light packets to your water.  

6.    After a night on the town try lower calorie snacks and water.  You probably need it after getting hammered anyway.    Too many nights at the waffle house with kill your diet.

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