Great diet tips for college students that will help keep off the freshman 15.Great diet tips for college students that will help keep off the freshman 15.

Get rid of Freshman 15 by making wise late night choices

Late night eating causes significant weight gain for college students. Whether you're having a study session or drinking at a frat party, eating out late is common. Typically, late night restaurant menus consist of hamburgers, greasy breakfast foods, and wings. These types of foods will decrease any chances of walking the campus with six pack abs. If you must eat late, choose healthier foods.

Tips to avoid the freshman 15

Most college students eat out often and late especially on the weekends.  These two bad habits are critical reason for fat gain in students.  You want to enjoy yourself but maintain your waistline.   Here are some calorie saving tips for college students on the go.

How to diet in a dorm room

363617.jpgIf you are a college student currently living in a dorm room there are some limitations you must overcome. Despite the limited room, cooking options, and storage space you still can diet properly.The key is stocking your mini-fridge with low fat snacks.It is also important to choose the correct meals whether you are eating in the cafeteria or in an off-campus restaurant.

Diet Tips eating off campus

Learning how to cook basic foods is keep in staying in shape and saving money. If you have to eat out we will show you how and what to eat.