How to diet in a dorm room

363617.jpgIf you are a college student currently living in a dorm room there are some limitations you must overcome. Despite the limited room, cooking options, and storage space you still can diet properly.The key is stocking your mini-fridge with low fat snacks.It is also important to choose the correct meals whether you are eating in the cafeteria or in an off-campus restaurant.



If you stay in a dorm room with only room for a small fridge, microwave and no stove:

Load your mini-fridge with

-Sandwich meat You may get the cheaper meat already packaged or have it cut at the deli.Sandwiches are low in fat, fast to make and will save money.

-Fruit Any type of fruit should be able to fit into your fridge in your dorm room.These items make great snacks and are very healthy,

-Peanuts and chek mix are also good snacks to keep in between meals.

-Rotissery Chickens- You can get them at Publix or Wal-Mart already cooked and you can warm it up in the microwave if necessary.

-Cereal –This is an easy one that most people should have if you like milk.

-Water- Keep plenty of bottle water and put a few at a time in the fridge to cool off.


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