Killer Leg Workout Routine

Description: Here's a killer leg workout that you can do the next time you go to the gym. 

Target Muscles: Legs

Equipment: Full Gym

Note: This workout is not for beginners because of the advanced nature of the exercises.


Stairstepper   Step for 5 minutes on a low level  
Plate-loaded narrow hack squat
15 3 45 seconds
Plate-loaded single leg press 15 3 45 seconds
Plate-loaded single leg curls 15 3 45 seconds
Stiff-leg deadlifts 15 3 45 seconds
Walking Lunges 15 3 45 seconds
Leg Kickbacks 15 3 45 seconds
Seated Dumbbell Calf Raises 15 3 45 seconds
Lower Leg (Stretch)      
Butterfly (Stretch)      
Elliptical   Glide for 7 minutes keeping your speed above 125 strides per minute  

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