Flexibility Training Guidelines

Here are 6 flexibility guildelines you should follow before you stretch your muscles.

1. Always warm up prior to stretching.

5-10 minutes of cardio is great to warm up your body before stretching. Never stretch a cold muscle.

2. Stretch three to five sessions per week.

This amount of stretching s adequate for most clients to maintain flexibility.

3. Your instensity should be just below your pain threshold.

A sensation of a stretch should be felt without experiencing pain.

4. For gains, a long duration stretch is the best

Many sources recommend 10 to 30 seconds for pratical reasons.

5. Your breathing should be slow and deep

Your breathing should emphase exhaling.


6. Eight to ten major muscle should be stretched after a workout

Areas you should commenly stretch is your hamstrings, erector spinae, hip flexors, calves, pecs, and shoulders.

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