Build a sexy full-figured physique

Toccara Jones is the perfect example of a voluptuous woman who lost fat while maintaining her curves. To shape your body to look like a curvy model, you must decrease your body fat percentage from 35-45% to around 14-20%. Here's are two tips on how to do that the safe way.

Sexy curvy exercise tips


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Tips to shape your voluptuous curves


1. Eat like a grown woman

Trying to lose weight by eating like a bird will only backfire. Even the smallest women needs to eat at least 1200 calories a day. You must eat enough to keep your body functioning properly. You should eat enough of the correct foods and follow the daily calorie requirements.

2. Exercise like a grown woman

Avoiding weight lifting exercises may have worked when you were 15. Now that you are grown, you need more than P.E. class to tone those curves. Find out what areas you want to show off and work them. Never neglect the rest of your body while targeting one body part.


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