Stump Throw

Stump Throw Procedure:

1. Hold a medicine ball with both hands. Choose the size and weight of ball that is appropriate for your level of training and the intensity you want to achieve.

2. Stand with your feet slightly shoulder-width apart. Make sure that one foot is not behind the other; they should be even. (like you are standing in line).

3. Hold the ball down in front of you, arms straight. Squat down until the ball just touches the floor.

4. Quickly stand up and, at the same time, swing the ball up and out in an arc in front of you. As the ball is coming up, angle it to one side a bit so that at the tip of the swing, when the ball is all the way above you, it is traveling over one shoulder.

5. At the top of the swing, slow the ball down as it passes over your shoulder, and pull it back down in the same arc, keeping your arms straight.

6. Bring the ball all the way back to the starting point, letting your hips and knees bend to get back to the squatting position. Immediately change directions and begin another repetition, but to the other shoulder.

7. Repeat stump throws over the left and right shoulders until you have completed 20 total repetitions. Rest 15-20 seconds before your next set.

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