Shin splints and how to prevent them

Shin splints are defined as pain in the lower leg (tibia). They are usually caused by an overuse injury caused by a sudden increase in intensity, duration, or frequency of exercise, excessive tightness of the calves, exercising in old shoes, or participating in sports that involve sudden stops and starts, such as basketball and tennis.


Symptoms of shin splints are tenderness, soreness, or pain along the inner part of your lower leg, even when not exercising; sometimes accompanied by mild swelling.

How long do they last?

Shin splints can last one to three weeks, depending on how severe they are.


The best way to treat shin splints is to use the RICE treatment or anti-inflammatories.


You can prevent shin splints with proper warm-up and cool-down, cross training, new shoes, and flexibility training of the lower leg. If the problem continues, visit your physician.

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