Learn the best treatment for shin splint injuries.

How to Get Rid of Shin Splints

Shin Splints injuries are very common for individuals engaging in running and jumping exercises. Here are some good ways to get rid of shin splints.

 Ways to Get Rid of Shin Splints


Decrease intensity of activity

With servere pain, stop all activity until healing occurs.

Try alternate activities

Change your activities to bicycling, swimming and run on softer surfaces.

Buy new shoes

Buy a shoe with some good padding.  

Stop exercising for a few days

Let your body heal and gradually come back.

Apply ice to affected areas

After a hard workout, try applying ice to relieve the pain.

Shin splints and how to prevent them

Shin splints are defined as pain in the lower leg (tibia). They are usually caused by an overuse injury caused by a sudden increase in intensity, duration, or frequency of exercise, excessive tightness of the calves, exercising in old shoes, or participating in sports that involve sudden stops and starts, such as basketball and tennis.