Printable Shoulder Workouts

Printable shoulder workouts that you can perform at home or the gym.

Women shoulders workout

Try our shoulder workout for women to sculpt sexy shoulders. This shoulder workout is for women and will not add muscle but will tone and shape your shoulders. Make sure you warm up for 5-10 minutes before beginning this workout and that you stretch each muscle group properly as directed. Maintain your pace throughout the entire workout with about 30 seconds rest in between sets.

Best Shoulder Workout for the Gym

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Here's a good shoulder workout that you can do the next time you visit the gym. This workout features cardio and shoulder exercises that will tone and sculpt your deltoids.

1. Bike

Ride at a speed of 60 rpms for 5 minutes to warm up.


Starting Position: - Start with a dumbbells at shoulder level.

Movement: - Exhale as you press the weight overhead to a straight-arm position, coming close to touching the dumbbells at the top. Inhale as you slowly lower the dumbbells to the starting position. Repeat as required.