Resistance Band Exercise Chart

Here is a Resistance Band exercise chart that you can use to choose the right exercise for your body.

Resistance Band Exercise Chart


Upper body band exercises Lower body band exercises

Band shoulder press

Band kickbacks

Band front raises

Band reverse flys




Ball band thigh blaster







How to use Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are a great way to engage in resistance training. It is effective because the risk of injury is lower than with free weights. Resistance band are also less stressful on your joints.


How to use Resistance Bands effectively


1. Make sure you wrap the band around somthing sturdy

A pole above your door anchor is a good strudy place to start. You may also stand on the band for resistance.

2. Make sure you position the band according to the muscles you want to work.

For example: If you are doing arm curls, you may want to stand on the band as your anchor.  


3. Make sure you are in control of the movement

The exercise is more effective is you are in control of the movement the entire time.

Ball Band Upper-Back Firmer

Primary Muscle Group: Upper back

Muscle Groups Worked in This Exercise: Deltoideus, Brachialis and Trapezius

Preparation: Stand tall with your feet directly underneath your hips. Take a step forward with your right leg. Place the ball under your right thigh, exhale and bend your right leg into a deep lunge.

Breathing: Exhale as you sink into the lunge and inhale as you left your back heel.

Ball Band Thigh Blaster

Primary Muscle Group: Quadriceps femoris, Gluteus

Muscle Groups Worked in This Exercise: Thigh flexors.

Preparation: Sit on the ball with your feet on the floor. Slide down the ball, walking your feet forward, until your lower back rests against the ball. Your thighs should be parallel to the floor, so make sure your feet are far enough from the ball. Place the band under your feet and grasp an end of the band in each hand and bring your hands up by your hips.

Breathing: Exhale while straightening legs, inhale as you return to start.

Band Bent Over Row

Primary Muscle Group: Upper Back, Upper arms

Muscle Groups Worked in This Exercise: Trapezius, Rhomboideus, Infraspinatus, Teres Minor and Major, Deltoideus, Latissimus dorsi, Brachialis and Biceps brachii

Preparation: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and bend your knees slightly. Place the band under your feet and bend forward at the waist so your torso is about 45 degrees. Keep your lower back straight, being careful not to arch your back. Tighten your abs. Grasp the handles of the band and extend your arms down to the floor until they are straight and directly underneath your shoulders.

Breathing: Inhale as you pull the band up, exhale as you return to start position.