How to Build a Ripped and Lean Body

If you are looking to not only build muscle mass but look cut and lean there are steps you must take.

When you see your favorite lifter with six pack abs and chiseled arms...

you wonder how did he get that look.

The answer is simple...

Getting cut and lean takes a good exercise program, good eating and rest.

This combination will give you the look that will turn all the beautiful women's heads at the beach. 

You will even look good in when you rock a fitted long sleeve outfit this winter... 

To get a ripped and sexy body there are...

3 Rules You Must Follow..

1. Lower you body fat percentage to under 10-12%

You don’t have to go as low as a bodybuilder at 3 to 5% but you must get to about 10-12%.Fat is an essential nutrient for the body so you don’t want to go to low unless you are a professional that knows what you're doing.

2. Do some Cardio

To get cut you must include cardiovascular or aerobic exercise to your routine. These type of exercises burn fat calories because of the continuous movement that’s required. 20 to 30 minutes is recommended per workout.

The premium way to do it is short intense burst of cardiovascular exercise to maintain your muscle size. Running is the ultimate calorie burning aerobic exercises. It is also recommended that you do cardio on the days you don’t workout with weights for 20 to 30 minutes. It is possible to combine both in one workout by doing some cardio at the end of your weight training.

3. Eat the right way

Eating is as important as the workout routines to achieve a ripped body.

1. Eat smaller meals during the day. This routine provides your body with enough calories but smaller meals keeps you from being bloated.

2. Cut your fat intake in your meals. Make sure you meals are low in fat and high in helpful nutrients like protein and other.

3. Increase your protein intake. Try to consume 1 gram per pound of body weight to feed the muscle and keep your metabolism high.

4. Drink water instead of high calorie liquid. Water has no calories and cleanses the body and you should drink about one gallon of water per day.

5. Eat enough carbohydrates but not too much. Try to keep your carb intake to around 50% of your total calorie intake.

6. When weightlifting go higher reps and lower rest times. You should have a workout where you workout with lighter weights with high reps. You still can challenge the body to grow lean muscle but you are adding endurance which give you that cut look.