Image of bicep curls using super slow training.Workout routines using the super slow training technique. This type of training, repetitions are performed very slowly; concentric contractions may take as long as 10 seconds to move through full range of motion. Once in the fully contracted position, there is a pause, and then a slow return to the starting position. 

This type of training keeps you from using your momentum to move the weight up and down. When you take 10-20 seconds to complete a full rep you use your muscles completely. This slower resistance helps to build muscle and endurance. Because of the intensity of this resistance program you will not be able to do as many reps per set. Only use this type of training once you get the basics of weight lifting understood. 

Some of the best exercises to try this super slow resistance plan. 

Barbell Curls   

super slow training chest workout

Super slow chest workouts can help you gain additional mass. Make sure you have a spotter that will help you maintain good form.