Great Home Exercises for your Lower Back

Great lower back exercises you can do at home with minimum equipment.

Lower Back Exercises at Home

Ball Lower Back Strengthener

Primary Muscle Group: Low back

Muscle groups worked in this exercise: Gluteus Maximus, Semitendinosus, Semimembranosus, Quadratus Lumborum, Iliocostalis Lumborum.

Preparation: Kneel on the floor and bring the ball up close to you. Lie forward on the ball with your abdomen right on top of the ball and place both hands on the floor in front of you. Extend your legs behind you and balance upon the balls of your feet.

Execution: Lift your left leg as high as you can while exhaling. As you lower your leg, inhale. Then repeat with the other leg. It's important to keep your torso stable and prevent wobbling. Alternate legs after completing all repetitions.

Comments: You'll notice that the ball will try to shift as you lift and lower your legs - this forces your abdominal muscles to stabilize your torso. Remember to pull your navel in and up towards your spine.

Dumbbell Good Mornings

Position the dumbbells to your sides. Keep your head up, back straight and your knees slightly bent. Bend at the waist and lean forward until your upper body is parallel to the ground. Pause briefly then return to the starting position. Do not allow muscles to relax before next repetition.

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