Arms workout without weights

arms workout without weightsIf you want to pump up your arms without weights, try this routine. This arm workout features only two exercises without weights.

Your body weight is the only thing you need to complete this great arm workout.  It is best to superset between the bicep and triceps exercises listed below.  Make sure you warm up for 5-10 minutes before beginning this workout and that you stretch each muscle group properly as directed.



 Reps: 5 sets of 10

 Execution: Grip bar with hands underhand about shoulder width. Keep body in good alignment (abs tight, chest up, back straight). Squeeze down (depress) shoulder blades using a controlled motion, pull body up by drawing chest to the bar, keeping elbows down toward sides and forearms in line with body. Contract lat muscles fully without compromising form. While maintaining the controlled motion, return body to starting position. Do not allow body to swing. Do not allow muscles to relax before next repetition.   



Reps: 5 sets of 20 or 60% of the maximum amount of pushups you can complete.

Execution: Kneel down and place hands with your hands close together and angled so that your index fingers and thumbs form a small triangle. Keeping legs straight, push body up. Keep abs tight and back straight. Keep arms extended and upper arms close to the body. Squeeze together (retract) shoulder blades. In a controlled motion, lower body close to the floor. While maintaining the controlled motion, push body up to starting position without locking out elbows. Do not allow muscles to relax before next repetition.    

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