1200 Calorie Sample Meal Plan 1

Description: 1200 calorie meal plan






½ scoop of whey protein

8 ounces skim milk

¼ cup (dry) Cream of rice


Snack (1)

½ scoop of whey protein

¼ cup (measured dry) old-fashioned oats

8 oz Skim milk

 1 tea. Flaxseed oil


½ cup cooked Brown rice

1 cup Green beans

3 ounces Chicken breast

1 tea. Extra-virgin olive oil



1 scoop whey protein

½ cup (measured dry) Old-fashioned oats


3 oz. wild Alaskan salmon

2 oz. cooked sweet potatoes

1 cup broccoli

Daily Totals

1,200 calories, 120 g protein, 120 g carbs, 26 g fat


To help you monitor your meals progress and control portion sizes, we suggest using the tools below:

1.  Meal log journal  

2.  Meal prep containers


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