Circuit Training Workouts

Workouts you can do using the circuit training technique. With this technique, you move quickly from one resistance training exercise to another with very little rest between sets. 


With circuit workouts a number of exercises are performed back to back. They are performed in a set order, with a specific time or number of repetitions for each one, and rest periods are allotted between them.

Circuit training is great for burning extra calories in a short amount of time. Since they are more intense, training in this manor is very effective for losing weight or increasing your cardiovascular capacity or muscle endurance. Circuits are also great for increasing your muscular strength. 

When you are designing or choosing a workout routine be sure to remember the following: Although you are moving quickly, you should not sacrifice your form. Make sure you are doing the exercises correctly. Hustling between each exercise doesn’t mean rush the exercise.

You should also make sure you are not training the same section of your body on two consecutive exercises. If you feel lightheaded, take a break because this could be an indicator that your doing too much.  


Effective circuit training workout routines using only cardiovascular training. These workouts are effective for men or women.


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Circuit training workout small poster you may download and print.

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Effective circuit workouts using weights and cardiovascular training. 

Click image below to download 8.5" by 11" diagram

Circuit training small poster feature both cardio and weight lifting exercises. You may download and print this poster for yourself.

Download Circuit training poster medium (17" by 11")