Different Body Types

Exercise your body according to your different types of shape. 


Body types 

Knowing what your body type is key to knowing how to design a program that fits your body. Depending on your type, you workout should be designed to complement your natural shape of your body. If you are naturally slim, you may want to add weight but it should be realistic about how you will look. It is important to improve on your natural body structure as opposed to trying to completely changing it. In general, there are three body types small, medium and large. Or thin (ectomorphic) muscular (mesomorphic) or fat (endomorphic). Your body can determine the types of activities you can excel. For example, you won’t see a power lifter that is thin with long limbs. You rarely see a sprinter that has a thick and large frame. Your nutrition is also determine how to determine how to design your diet plan. You must keep in mind that there are many other factors that determines your shape that may not be contributed to your body type and you can change it with the proper diet and exercise. 

Female body types 

There are certain common body types for women that must be considered when designing your exercise routine.

Body types chart for females you can print.


Below is a quick reference guide for determining your body type for women. 

Apple shaped 

Pear shaped 

Inverted triangle 

Male body types 

Your body type is usually determined mostly by genetics. It is not just genetics as your lifestyle can change how your body type looks. In general, most individual males fall into three main body types. You can change the way you look if you desire a different look but your path may be different depending on what cards you were dealt. So the key is knowing what path to take so you can reach your goals.