Ectomorph Body Types exercises and tips

Ectomorph is a person with a naturally lean or slightly muscular and delicate body build. Many people would describe this type of person as slim or skinny. How many times have you seen that guy that eats like a pig but never gains weight? You often wonder, if I ate like that I would blow up like the goodyear blimp. You may be a big guy and wonder why every muscle fiber shows in his body when you workout twice as hard and struggle with your abs showing. 

Here are some tips for a guy for different types of fitness goals. 

Looking to add muscle: 

Diet: Eat high protein and carb meals without too much junk. Quality meals 

Workout: Your workout should include workouts where you are lifting heavier weights. 8-10 reps for 3 sets for example for each exercise. You need to make sure to get hypertrophy to gain muscle mass.

Looking to stay lean and cut 

Diet: Stay around the recommended daily allowance for your height and weight. Make sure you eat enough calories so you can maintain your weight. 

Workout: Lift challenging but weights where you are doing 12-15 reps to get your muscles to get stronger but lean. Make sure that you have good cardio routines as a part of your workout. You want to stay lean but muscular and strong. 


What is an ectomorph body type?

An ectomorph body type is usually a lanky, thin person. As you gain weight, your body becomes shaped tube-like. This body types tends to have very little muscle tissue, and may find it hard to put on weight. Adding unhealty fat weight may end up near your abdomen, waste, or thighs with a droopy look. Your overall metabolism rate is faster than some other body types, but not fast enough to keep you lean. It may also be difficult for you to burn enough calories to keep from gaining weight. To get a good look, you must add lean muscle through resistance training.