Learn the proper intensity you should have while walking.Learn the proper intensity you should have while walking.

High intensity aerobic walking

Aerobic walking is not a term familiar to most exercisers, but it range from about 13.5 minute-mile pace at the low end up to 10.0-minute-mile pace at the fast end. At this pace, the human gaits-walking and running overlap. This fast walking pace is in the same rage as a slow run or job. Most fit walkers who learn aerobic walking generally level off at about 12 to 13 minutes per mile.


moderate intensity brisk walking

Brisk walking is quick. active and lively movement. The brisk pace starts at about 17 minutes per mile at the slow end of the range and tops out at 14 minutes per mile. Most fit walkers can handle a 15 minute-mile pace comfortably.

Brisk walking is withing the range of any healthy individual, but is not the pace at which you should begin a walking program unless you are already reasonably fit.

Low intensity strolling

The definition of strolling is to walk leisurely as inclination directs. Strolling constitutes most of our normal daily walking. It starts as slow as 30 minutes per mile and increases to about 18 minutes per mile at the tip end of its range. The average person stroll along at about 20 to 24 minutes per mile.

Strolling is the pace recommended for most people sho are starting an exercise-walking program from a sedentary state. It is particularly recommended for the obese, cardiac rehabilitation patients, and the elderly.