Exercise to Reduce Neck Tension

To reduce tension in the neck: While still lying on the floor, you can stretch your upper spine and neck. Interlace your fingers behind your head at about ear level. Slowly pull your head forward until you feel a slight stretch in the back of the neck. Hold for 3-5 seconds, then slowly return to the original starting position. Do this 3-4 times to loosen up the upper spine and neck gradually. Keep your jaw relaxed (back teeth slightly separated) and keep breathing. 

Turn your chin toward your left shoulder to create a stretch on the right side of your neck. Hold correct stretch tensions for 5-10 seconds. Stretch to each side twice. Keep your shoulders relaxed downward. Do not hold your breath. 

To stretch the side of your neck, lean your head sideways toward your left shoulder as your left hand pulls your right arm down and across, behind your back. Hold an easy stretch for 5-10 seconds. Do both sides.

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