Workout Calendar

Get 3 Free printable workout calendars pdf or Microsoft word templates. These calendars will help you track and monitor your workouts and eating schedule. 

Each calendar can be downloaded and printed on a 8.5” by 11” sheet of paper in pdf. or Microsoft word format.

Just click the links below to get these templates. 

Blank exercise calendar you can download in pdf format.

How to use the printable workout calendars

1. Start by choosing, downloading and printing your own workout calendar.

2. After you print, write the proper month at the top of the sheet. Then place the proper month’s date on the “date line”. (Make sure your dates line up properly with the correct day Monday, Tuesday, ect.)

3. Put a brief detail of your exercise or name of workout in the proper box. The boxes are small so you must be brief by abbreviating.

You may also use a 2021-2022 wall calendar (pictured below) to write down all of your workout plans.