Adult doing a fun outdoor workout.Effective outdoor workouts for men and women. Outdoor workouts are great for a change of pace from the gym. The fresh air and the changing scenery alone can be a good reason to do your next routine outdoors. Jogging in the park with the trees and the grass is a perfect change from a boring treadmill. Exercising outside also burns more calories because you have to use more muscles to than you would inside. When you ride a stationary bike, you are not forced to use your upper body to move. Riding a regular bicycle forces you to use your chest, arm, abdominal, and back muscles. You must use your body to navigate the hills, corners, and fight natural wind resistance. Because you are using more muscles, outdoor workouts burn more calories and tones muscles more effectively.  

Great outdoor exercises for your Routine 

There are several exercises and workout routines you can do outside. Most programs will require that you do some of the essential aerobic activities. The most popular and exercises to make up your routine are walking, running, bicycling, or swimming. Even if you participate in sporting activities or weightlifting outdoors, it will usually involve basic fundamental exercises. Below is an activity and calorie chart for the most popular activities. 

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