Mediterranean Food Guide Chart

     You can download and print the Mediterranean diet pyramid chart and poster below

     The Mediterranean Diet Pyramid focuses greater intentions to address heart disease. There are aspects of the Mediterranean diets appear to be helpful in the prevention of coronary artery disease.


Printable Mediterranean pyramid diet chart.


Download Medium Mediterranean Pyramid Chart (17" by 11")


This Pyramid Chart Explained:

     In this approach to the pyramid the very top includes red meat. The USDA pyramid suggests 2-3 servings of meat a day, without specifying the type of meat. The Mediterranean approach limits the consumption of red meat to only a few times a month.

     This highlights the need for great concentration on poultry, fish, and nuts as meat sources. Another major difference is that dieters are encouraged to consume modest amounts of olive oil with that Mediterranean approach. This approach is currently being studied and is subject to modification.

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