How to Read Food Labels

This section will show you how to read food labels... and... You can download and print sample labels to use as small posters.

Understanding how to read a food label is one of the keys to purchasing and putting together your meals. Knowing the basics of reading your labels will help guide you into the right choices at the grocery store. Whether you are choosing meats, vegetables or ingredients, labels gives you an idea of what’s going into your body. 

Nutrition Food Label that you can download and print. (8.5

Printable poster sized food labels 

Free printable mini posters for your home or gym. Print the small 8 ½ by 11  Each design can be downloaded in jpg or pdf format. 

Free downloads 

A4 paper 8.5 by 11 inch (8.5” by 11”) 

Small 11 by 17 inch (11” by 17”)