Recommended Fat Intake

 It is recommended that your fat intake accounts for less than 30% of your daily calories. We will show you how to cut fat as well as provide you with healthy tools. 

Recommended daily fat intake chart you may download and print.

It is no secret that Americans consume too much fat in our meals. Although we are better educated on the dangers of excessive fat, we continue to lead the world in consumption of greasy foods, snacks and other high calories foods. Fat is a necessity for vitamin absorption, fueling the body, supporting your immune system, and keeping your skin moist. The problem is most individuals eat too much fat. To maintain a healthy body you should intake a recommended amount of fat according to your physical makeup. 

Many scientists agree no more than 30 percent of your total calories should come from fat. An updated version of this study also reveals that you should aim for only 20 of your total calories coming from fat. This is because fat is more than twice as fattening as proteins or carbohydrates, with nine calories in one gram of fat. You should learn how to calculate how to find out how much fat you need in relation to the amount of daily calories you intake.